How To Get Rid Of A Dry And Bad Cough Fast

Causes of Dry Cough and Its Remedies

How to Get Rid of A Dry and Bad Cough Fast

From the end of summer people excitingly wait for winter but unfortunately; winter can be worst for them due to the problem of dry cough. It is very common that with the season change people suffer with the problem of cough and it is not only the problem of child but also from 12 to 72 years; everybody can face this problem at any season. One can suffer with cough due to several causes such as; cold, flue, asthma, allergies and many others. Now you may be thinking that How to Get Rid of A Dry Cough then take a look on the following and get details.

How To Get Rid Of A Dry And Bad CoughCauses of dry cough:

As per the types of cough; cause of cough may vary. Dry cough is one of the most common types of cough and most of the people easily get trapped with this cough. For several causes one can face the typical harassment of this cough and on the list one of common reasons is influenza. Second important cause of this problem is flue or allergies and despite of all these one can have such type of cough due to the pollution. Most alarming cause of dry cough is smoking; from active smoking to passive smoking one can have specific nitghttime dry cough due to this problem. These are the common causes of dry and bad cough; now let’s check the symptom of cough.

How To Get Rid Of A Dry And Bad Cough FastSymptoms of dry cough:

For cough you can face several symptoms but most common symptom is respiratory track blockage. If fact it can make some irritation on nose and throat but it does not show any presence of mucus and for this reason; it makes lots of complication specifically for children. Now let’s get the point of special tips on How to Get Rid of A Bad Cough. Other symptoms are;

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Chest pain and many others

Tips: How To Get Rid Of A Cough Fast

Basically for any kind of cough it is very difficult to find the basic cause of this problem. So if you are suffering from dry cough more than 3 to 4 days then immediately consult with your doctor and have the basic diagnosis process for knowing the causes. As per the cause of your dry cough go for best treatment or some homes remedies.

Home Remedies:

Before going to the medication for cough you can choose some home remedies for this problem. Let’s have some important home remedies for dry cough;

  • First important tip is that stay hydrated. Taking of fluid can help to make the mucus thin and it helps to bring out and that makes relief on dry cough.
  • How To Get Rid Of A Dry And Bad Cough QuicklySecondly; you can go for steamy shower which can help you to get relief on dry cough.
  • You can choose honey to suppress the cough by soothing the throat.
  • You can also take dry candy for dry cough.


You can take dextromethorphan or pholcodine, ipecacuanha many other for your dry and bad cough.


There are lots of homeopathic solution for dry cough such as; Belladonna, Bryonia, Aconitum and many others. These are best remedies for How to Get Rid of A Dry and Bad Cough Fast.

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