How To Get Rid Of A Stye Fast

How to Get Rid of A Stye Fast

Are you suffering from a small bump of your eyelids? Then you need to consider that as the problem of stye. Basically it may not look like any other major eye problem but practically it is very painful and there is not any age limit to get the attack of this eye problem. One more important thing is that; some people get this attack once in their entire life but some other can face this eye complication repeatedly. Now you may be thinking that How to Get Rid of A Stye Fast. Let’s have a look on the following and get the common symptoms, causes and remedies of stye.

Basic Causes of Stye:

How To Get Rid Of A StyeGenerally it is a small bump that forms on the eyelid. Basic cause of this problem is the nasty bacteria. If the eyelids oil glands get clogged then it easily sticks anything to that point and makes bacteria on your eyes. Despite of this; if there is any excess stress on your eyes then also you can get stye. Some other cause is attack of Staphylococal Bacteria.


For stye or hordeolum can show different symptoms and those are more or less; swollen, painful, cyst-like bumps and many others. Generally one can recover from this problem within few days but some people can suffer with this problem more than a month. Major symptoms of this eye problem are;

  • First of all; appearance of pimple like small bump on the bottom or top eyelid.
  • It will give swelling of eyelids
  • Painful and heaviness on eyes
  • Formation of crust on the eyelids when you sleep
  • Burning and mucous discharge from your eyes.
  • You can get blurred vision.

These are the common symptoms of stye. Now let’s take a look on the other parts of How to Get Rid of A Stye Fast.


How To Get Rid Of A Stye OvernightThough people think that it is a normal type eye problem but ignorance can make lot of complication for your eyes. Not only that but also; you need to consult with your doctor from the initial stage of stye. Now; you will have some home remedies to treat stye.

Home remedies:

List of home remedies is;

  • First of all cleaning is very important for stye. Actually; dirt and filth can enhance the case of stye by affecting the sebaceous gland. So go on cleaning your eye lids time to time for not having any further infection.
  • Warm compression is another great solution for stye. It can give relief on your pain or swelling due to the stye.
  • For pain and swelling you can also you coriander seed; when it is coming for stye. Including this you can apply guava leaf for the same purpose.


How To Get Rid Of A Stye FastIt is better for you to consult with your doctor for finding remedy for stye. In this point you can antibacterial drugs and antibacterial cream for the getting rid of stye.


You can adopt homeopathic solution for stye. There are lots of homeopathic for stye such as; Euphrasia, Arsenicum alb, Belladonna and many others. These ways you can find solution on How to Get Rid of A Stye Fast.

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