How to get rid of garlic breath fast is one of the most searched questions. Garlic is considered to be one of the major components of food human beings eat. Garlic is preferred not only because of its taste but it is also very good for health. There is only one problem in dealing with garlic; it is that unpleasant smell coming from the mouth after consuming the garlic. So because of the presence of garlic in almost every diet we take, people should be aware of most commonly used remedies of the garlic breath.

Some tips on How to get rid of garlic breath fast:

    • How To Get Rid Of Garlic BreathOne of the easiest ways to get rid of the garlic breath fast is by using by taking breath mints or using peppermint chewing gums. Using chewing gum would not only remove the unwanted smell as well as it would help you to exercise your jaws.
    • Roasted Coffee beans can also be helpful in getting rid of the garlic breath. One just has to chew some roasted coffee beans and the garlic breath would be gone for good.
    • There are also some oral hygiene methodologies for the removal of the smell caused by the garlic. For this one must brush after consuming the garlic. With this the food particles would not stick in one’s mouth and won’t cause the unpleasant smell.
    • Having a slice of bread after consuming the garlic is also recommended by some experts in order to getting rid of the foul smell.
    • Vodka may not be the answer most of the people are looking for but still it is one of the best ways to remove the garlic breath. As we know that bacteria cannot survive alcohol and our smell is removed, so vodka is preferred as it doesn’t have any aftertaste.

  • How to get rid of garlic breath fast
    like in seconds? Use Of mouthwash. Mouthwashes are fast and equally effective as the other methodologies.
  • Tongue cleaners can also be used in order to remove the smell caused by the garlic. Some unwanted food material gets stuck on the surface of the tongue which helps the bacteria to grow and this causes the garlic breath.
  • How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath FastHow to get rid of garlic breath fast and stay healthy? Milk, yes this is the answer. Drinking a glass full of milk will not only remove the smell from the mouth but this will also make you healthy.
  • Lemon is also considered to be an effective method in removing the foul smell caused by the intake of garlic. One can suck the lemon wedge after consuming the food consisting of garlic. This would surely remove the smell.
  • Drinking tea can also be helpful in removing the odor from the mouth. Moreover it would keep the person active.

So these were some of the tips and remedies that would help in getting rid of the garlic breath fast. Choose the remedy that works best for you.