How To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Newborns

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Newborns

Hiccups in new born babies is a very common phenomenon as long as they are nothing more than swallowing air while suckling or chewing or being fed from a bottle. The extra air that goes inside results in an involuntary contraction of the muscles just below the diaphragm, which makes the child close the mouth suddenly with a hic sound. However, hiccups that last for a long time are a cause for concern, because they can lead to unnecessary complications like choking, breathlessness or even can impede healthy respiration.

Signs Whether The Hiccup Is Healthy Or A Cause For Concern

When your baby starts to hiccup while you are nursing him, give a break and help him relax. It can be symptomatic of the fact that his stomach is full. If he burps or stops hiccupping if you change his posture, then there is nothing to worry. However, sometimes the babies continue to hiccup for a long time even after you have given the break. This can be the sign that the baby is prone to hiccups, and nothing wrong in his respiratory system…so continue feeding him even while he hiccups. However hiccups can become a cause to worry when the baby is premature and is on ventilation. Or if the baby has some congenital heart problem, the hiccups can continue for long and may not subside even after giving sips of water or trying to make him burp. Careful monitoring of his breathing and frequency of hiccups should be monitored in such cases and the paediatrician must be consulted without hesitation at the first instance.

When Hiccups Can Be Dangerous Or Even Fatal

 Sometimes long term hiccups might be the result of digestive problem called Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD) or a cyst in the throat. Kidney problems or diabetes also can generate hiccups that last for a long time. If you find your newborn listless, agitated, fussy and hiccupping through the day, do not hesitate to consult your paediatrician immediately.

Home Remedies That Can Work Wonders To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Newborns

 A normal, short term hiccup usually subsides by itself. But sometimes it might get triggered by anxiety or excitement in case of a newborn, in such cases you can assist by giving small sips of water. Sometimes little bit of sugar on the tongue can make the baby swallow and thus get rid of the extra air in the diaphragm and the hiccup stops. You can make the baby burp by rubbing his back, or simply rocking the newborn gently can put an end to his discomfort from hiccups. If you are bottle feeding the baby, then do it in a way that reduces air intake. This will take care of frequent hiccups.

Thus, we can see that although baby hiccups are perfectly normal, they are sometimes pretty annoying too. Although in most cases they do not signify that anything is majorly wrong with your baby, it is always preferable to give a report to your family doctor if the hiccups are pertinent and long lasting.


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