The actual term for hives is utricaria and is derived from Latin word which mean to burn. However here we are going to discuss how to get rid of hives and not about its nomenclature. Hives is generally a skin rash related allergic condition which leads to formation of reddish bumps over the affected area. This eventually gives birth to burn sensation and allergic itching as well. Hive can be severe and also be chronic and hence we take steps for its treatment accordingly.

How To Get Rid Of Hives Fast

Now let’s discuss both methods i.e. Natural remedies and pharmaceutical drugs that eradicate hives.


Outfit/dressing habit:

How To Get Rid Of Hives FastYour cloth selection matters lot. If really you want to get rid of hives then first you have to customize your dressing style. Make sure that you are wearing loose and easy cloths. Avoid tight fitting dresses and the dress that are made up of stuffs your skin is sensitive of.  Soft cotton stuffs are splendid for your skin. It not only gives an exquisite feeling but take care of your skin as well.

Ice bags/cold method:

Put ice cubes in ice bag and apply over the affected area. The biological facts behind this method is, histamines are usually secreted which is accountable for the allergies and itching. When ice bag is moved over the hives, blood vessel shrinks which creates hindrances in the way of histamine production and eventually provides relief from hives and other skin related issues.

 Warm water and specific soap:

This technique is used when the skin allergies are triggered by cold method or skin become sensitive towards cold. Use warm water for bath because warm water not only clean the affected area but also suppress the allergic action. Another main thing, if your skin is sensitive for perfumed soaps or normal soaps, then try specific soap or better  avoid any such products. Identify your skin type first then products for sensitive skin would be better alternative.


How To Get Rid Of HivesIn many cases, individual possess allergic stimulus with certain things like allergy with roses, perfumes, silk bed sheets etc. If you have allergy with something that cause negative effect to your skin then you should avoid that.


Add colloidal oatmeal to you bath water. Don’t get confused with colloidal oatmeal. It is almost same as oatmeal only the difference is, colloidal oatmeal is quite fine and hence it easily gets dissolved in water. This is one of the best known natural remedies to get rid of hives and skin allergies.

Fish oil and other similar capsules:

This fish oil capsule contains omega 3 fatty acids. Usually cold water fish have omega 3 fatty acids as a major constituent. Salmon and blue fish are better solution for hives. Since these have rich in fatty acid that ruins hives easily.

Witch hazel:

Witch hazel is a flowering plant and well known for its medicinal uses. Now a days there are various skin related products which have witch hazel extracts as its ingredients. You can either use that products or you can make thick paste of its flower and apply over affected area. Witch hazel is perfect antioxidant and astringent and hence it is used for many skin conditions like sore, eczema and hives.

Baking soda:

Make paste of baking soda with normal water. Make sure to wash your skin first and let the skin dry. After that apply the paste over the target area and cover the hives completely. After drying the paste reapply the same and rinse. Basic property of baking soda helps in getting rid of hives since it neutralizes the acidic property of the stimulants that cause hives.

How To Get Rid Of Hives By vinegar

Apply vinegar:

Some time hives causing factor seems basic in nature and baking soda paste is not going to help out. In that case, for neutralizing its effect we need to apply slightly acidic matter and hence in that case vinegar is the best alternative.

Nettle capsule:

Nettle capsule is a natural option for antihistamines. There are different ranges of capsules are available in market depending upon the extent of hives. Although nettle capsule is alternative of antihistamines but you can also intake such weeds directly. Both have similar effect, but their effect depends upon whether hives is severe or chronic.

Natural tea:

Chamomile, Valerian, or Catnip herbal teas are best way to fight stress, headache and fatigue. Although there is no direct relation between hives and tea but these herbal teas are sedatives which eradicate stress and we all know that stress triggers chronic hives.


Oral antihistamines:

How To Get Rid Of HivesAntihistamines drugs suppress the production of histamines and hence help in eradication of hives. There are various antihistamines drugs that helps in getting rid of hives nevertheless we would like to suggest you that whenever you are going to take any pharmaceutical drug consult your doctor first. However the effective antihistamines for hives are loratadine, fexofenadine, and cetirizine (2nd generation antihistamines) and diphenhydramine and hydroxyzine (1st generation antihistamines)

Ranitidine and famotidine:

These are basically categorized under H2 antagonists and generally effective against the stomach concerned histamines.  If ranitidine and famotidine are taken above particular level then this may leads to various gastrointestinal problems.

Oral corticosteroids:

There are several proven corticosteroids (source adrenal cortex of vertebrates) that work best against hives.  Prednisone is also one of them but in case of chronic hives we would like to suggest you to ask your doctor first before taking any pharmaceutical product.

Tricyclic antidepressant:

Although antidepressant do not posses any antihistamine concerned feature nevertheless Prudoxin Deptran, Sinequan are few of them that possess specific feature of antihistamines and anti-allergic and eventually eradicates hives if taken regularly for specific time period.

Ecallantide / Cinryze and Berinert:

These are effective only in situation where genetic factor are accountable for hives for example,  In case of hereditary angioedema which is also known as HAE. Usually patient of hereditary angioedema lacks particular protein entitle C1 esterase inhibiter. In such cases role of Cinryze and Berinert comes into action which are produced from donated blood plasma. Similarly Ecallantide produced from yeast and given via injection to patient and various parallel medications starts respectively.

Hives also acknowledged as urticaria, are red and itchy skin clause that is characterized by raised bumps. A red raised bumps called Wheals base and skin can appear on any part of the surface. Their size varies from several inches to pin point and both allergic and non-allergic triggers that may occur as a result. How to get rid of hives fast? The condition is not serious, although it expire and are unsightly the red spots are the true source of embarrassment through intense itching which leaves causes a high level of discomfort.

How To Get Rid Of Hives Fast

    • How To Get Rid Of Hives Fast NaturallyThe skin dries, put some lemon juice on it. After about 10 minutes, two spoons of honey and a pinch of sea salt or Epsom salt, apply a mixture. Finally, hives, rashes to heal rinse it off after 15-20 minutes.
    • Make mint tea, pour into an ice tray and place in the refrigerator to chill. Wrap itching and hives these cubes in a cheese cloth and place it on the affected area to reduce swelling. You can similarly use basil tea. Simple cool envelopes are also beneficial in providing relief.
  • Thyme Herbal Solution is a treatment for hives. To comply with this therapy, a pint of water to a boil and add half an ounce of dried thyme. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cool. Finally, the liquid soak cotton and apply on affected area.
  • hives when dealing with green tea, black tea or any herbal tea (chamomile, for example) is useful to drink. Also, the yellow dock, echinacea, alfalfa, and can consider herbs like licorice.
  • Jewel grass trampled applied on the skin to get rid of hives is valuable. You can add to your bath water.
  • Severe itching, hives enough water (three parts baking soda and one part water) rub with a paste of baking soda mixed. However, do not apply to broken skin.

How To Get Rid Of Hives by aloe vera

  • Early treatment of hives, rashes, aloe vera gel and apply a mixture of vitamin E oil.
  • Quercetin, a flavonoid stop it as soon as that has been found to help treat hives. It is a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties works.
  • Examples of foods containing Quercetin onions (especially red onions), fresh apples, red grapes, tomatoes, cranberries, raspberries, broccoli, green pepper, fennel seeds, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
  • unflavored oatmeal, cornstarch and the same amount of a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar Prepare a mixture by adding ½ cup. Smear the paste on the skin to naturally get rid of hives about 30 Wash it after 15 minutes. This home remedy is also largely relieves itching.
  • Similarly, oatmeal bath to help soothe skin and reduce itching. Also, you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Apart from these natural remedies, the most obvious way to get rid of hives rash itching to prevent, reduce and taking an antihistamine. As you can well use a menthol cream.
  • Corticosteroids are beneficial in the treatment of severe hives, but it increases the risk of infection they should not be taken for more than five days. To avoid this problem triggers hives that try to identify the root cause of allergies, needless to say. Allergic or irritant to identify you while your diet or medication (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular) can change. It dander, pollen, insect bites, humid weather, extreme cold, or excessive sweating may cause autoimmune disease. You are sure to consult your doctor before changing medications.

Suggestions and scams on how to get rid of hives fast for the search, the problem is usually (Significant reduction in symptoms such as difficulty breathing and blood pressure as well as long) keep in mind that is not considered harmful. In most cases, this period of time is to be clear on its own.