How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast

Causes, Symptoms and Remedies of Pink Eye

How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast

Conjunctivitis is scientific name of pink eye. It is very common type of viral infection in which turning eye color into pink or red is the common symptom. Generally one can have pink eye at any time and the worst part of this eye complication is that; it is very contagious. Now you may be worried about the fact that How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye. With the help of different home remedies and with the help of several medications you can get rid of this eye complication. Let’s have a look on the following and get some details about the causes and symptoms of this disease.

Causes of Pink Eye:

How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye FastBasically conjunctiva is a thin clear tissue and that places over the white part of eye and also lies inside the eyelids. It makes tearing, heaviness and inflammation of your eyes. For some special causes one can have pink eye and those are;

  • Virus attack
  • Bacteria attack (most common type of bacteria like Chlamydia or gonorrhea)
  • It may occur due to the allergies attack such as; pollen, dust or any other special allergy.

Despite of all these, most important part about conjunctivitis is that it spreads very fast from person to person but there is no news of major health risk due to this special eye infection.


Now come to the point of common symptoms of pink eyes. Normally feeling of heaviness and inflammation on the eye is very common for pink eye. Despite of these other common symptoms are;

  • Discoloration or redness of eyes is very common symptom of pinkeye.
  • Think yellow discharge is also very common symptom for this problem and that increases when you sleep.
  • Rapidly increases the amount of tear.
  • Burning eyes
  • White or green discharge from the eyes
  • Blurred vision

These are the common symptoms of pink eye. Now let’s check the other parts of How Do You Get Rid Of Pink Eye.


How To Get Rid Of Pink EyeBest tip for your pink eye problem is that; if you are using contact lens for your eye power then avoid wearing lens for the time being of pink eyes; that is use your optics. On the other hand since it is a contagious eye problem so before storing your lens first wash it very carefully. Another important tip is that try to stay hygienic so that it never spreads any other eyes from your virus.

Home Remedies:

Before consulting with doctor about the problem of pinkeye you can adopt some home remedies. On the list of those specials are;

  • First of all clean your infected eye regularly. Use clean wipe to clean your eyes and start wiping from the corner of your eyes.
  • You can apply cold or warm compress for your pinkeye.
  • Prevention is better than cure. So wash your hands before and after applying medicine on pink eyes.


How To Get Rid Of Pink EyeSince it may be allergenic problem so; you can try allergy medicine for treating this problem. In addition you can use some eye drops for pinkeye.


For allergenic conjunctivitis you can apply Apis Mel. For other problem you can use Belladonna, Euphrasia. This way you can find best solution on How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast.

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