How To Get Rid Of Redness On Face

How To Get Rid Of Redness On FaceWith face redness everyone thinks you are blushing but you are not. Face redness is the occurrence of red marks or red tint over the skin of the face. In the earlier times its occurrence was very less but with modern era, change in climate and lifestyle, this problem is more common in today’s society. Facial redness can be due to various causes but with little care you can cure this.

Causes of redness on face –

  • Roseacia , a skin disorder can be the reason of it.
  • Allergic reaction from the chemicals in cosmetics.
  • Cold weather can also be the reason of skin redness.
  • Rubbing your skin harshly and aggressively.
  • Busting of a pimple.
  • Lupus, a disease which causes appearance of red marks across neck and face coupled with inflammation.
  • Suddenly panicking can also lead to face redness.
  • Sun burn.

Symptoms of redness on face

  • How To Get Rid Of RednessSudden appearance of redness on the whole or some areas of face.
  • Appearing to people that you are blushing , even if you are not.
  • Flushing, that is appearance of red marks for a short time on face.
  • Visible red vessels.
  • Pus filled swelling with redness.
  • Dry and bloodshot eyes.
  • Increased sensitivity of face skin.

Treatments redness on face or How To Get Rid Of Redness On Face

  • Stay protected from long exposure of sun.
  • If the redness occur due to acnes use aspirin. Powder two aspirins and add some water, and apply it over the reddened area.
  • Don’t stress too much,
  • Avoid the triggers of Roseacia like carrots, wine.
  • Apply ice on reddened area
  • If your facial redness is due to lupus then use corticosteroid cream, this creme helps to decrease redness as well as decrease the inflammation occurred due to it.
  • Use organic and natural products, with minimum or no chemical. So you can prevent the redness occur due to chemical reaction.
  • Use aloe vera gel on reddened area of your face; with continuous use it can even cure permanent red marks.
  • Some natural remedies.
  1. How To Reduce Redness On FaceOat meal cucumber mask – add 1 cup of oat meal to half cucumber (mashed) and mix them, apply it for 20 min. With this inflammation will be gone and skin look flaw less.
  1. Green tea – First brew the green tea in water and let it cool. After it ,soak a cloth in it and then put that cloth on your face. It will make blood vessel disappear and will reduce redness.

Prevention from redness on face or How To Reduce Redness On Face

  • Keep yourself moisturized, as moisturized skin is less tends to suffer from facial redness.
  • Drink a lot of water, so that blood flow smoothly.

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