How To Get Rid Of Sunspots On Face And Skin

How Do You Get Rid Of Sunspots On FaceSun is the vital source of vitamin D but over exposure to sun leads to skin problems. The most common skin problem which occurs due to over exposure of sun is sun spots. This problem is also called age spots, because these spots are normal after 50. These sun spots are the result of Harmful UV rays. These spots can be of any color and size. Sun spots mostly occur on face and arms as they are more exposed to sun than other body part. But they are curable and are not dangerous.

Causes of sunspots –

Besides the over exposure of sun following things also lead to this

  • Staying for long hours in tanning beds.
  • Sun allergy.
  • Sunburn also may lead to sunspots.
  • People who produce more melanin are more prone to develop it.
  • Yeast infection can also be a cause of it.
  • Natural pigmentation.

How To Get Rid Of Sunspots

Symptoms of sunspots –

  • They are Pain less.
  • Usually lighter or darker than your skin tone.
  • Spots which starts expanding rapidly after sometime.
  • Are Scaly or rough than the normal skin.
  • Are irregular and sometimes have variety of color combination.

Treatments for Sunspots or How to get rid of Sunspots

  • MEDICAL TREATMENTS to how to get rid of sunspots are as follows –
  1. Reduction of melanin – Destroying of melanin producing cells which lead to occurrence of spots.
  2. Peeling of skin – Peeling of skin through instruments or medicines to reveal new skin.
  3. Dermabrasion – In this your skin is wear away. This sanding down in done by fast rotating brush. It will not only remove the sun spots but also reveal new youthful skin.
  4. Fading crème and lotion – There are lot of fading crèmes and lotion in the market which are available without any prescription of doctor. With continuous usage (2-3 week), the spots will vanish off.
  • NATURAL REMEDIES to how to get rid of sunspots are as follows –
  1. How To Get Rid Of Sunspots On FaceGreen tea – Green tea has excellent skin repairing capability. Boil one green tea bag in water, squeeze the tea bag on a cotton ball and place that cotton ball over the spot. Within days your sun spot will go away.
  2. Milk – Use milk to get rid of the sunspots as it has excellent spot removing properties. Apply milk over the spot, massage that area and rise with normal water after 10 min.
  3. Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera bleaches and fades the spot, and gives you an even toned skin.
Prevention from sunspots or how to dispose of sunspots are as follows –
  • Apply sun screen with SPF 15 or higher before leaving your skin.
  • Install anti UV coating on your car’s screen to protect yourself from sun.
  • Cover yourself before leaving the home in peak hours of sun (12-3 pm).

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