What Is The Stem Cell Breast Augmentation And How The Tummy Tuck Procedure Looks Like

Shaping your body has never been easier than now, because modern medicine has designed many cosmetics procedures which are constantly improving to give better results. We will mention the two most popular procedures for shaping your body the way you always wanted.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

The stem cell breast augmentation is one of the newest techniques for increasing your breasts. It is a double win procedure and here is why. Before the fat tissue is put into your breasts, it is harvested from other body parts which have a larger amount of the fat tissues, such as buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Then that fat is prosecuted and injected into your breasts.

You can also have natural bigger breasts with breast augmentation

This way you get slimmer thighs or a flat stomach, while your will breasts look amazing. One more great thing about this procedure is that it can fix the asymmetry of your breasts if it exists. This great stem cell breast augmentation Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will give your breasts the bigger size, volume, and the softness that natural breasts have.

Around 50 to 40 percent of the fat tissue will stay in your breasts, and that is why sometimes it will be necessary to repeat the procedure so the goal that you want can be achieved. There are a few side effects on which you can count on.  Your breasts will be swollen in the beginning and you will feel discomfort right after the procedure. There can be some bruises, and you may experience some pain.

Tummy tuck surgery

If you can’t get rid of the fat tissue on your stomach, then the tummy tuck procedure is for you. This procedure uses the liposuction technique to remove the fat tissue from your stomach. It is one of the oldest techniques, and today it has become a routine procedure. It is also a part of the mommy makeover package where your skin will be tightened and your abdominal muscles reconstruct.

Your fat tissue will be gone in just one procedure

Finding a good surgeon for the procedure is a very important thing. If the procedure is not done right, there can be serious side effects that nobody wants. We can suggest the tummy tuck surgery Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne as one of the very effective procedures which will be done by the professional.

The great news is that with this procedure you will get the results momentarily, but your body will need to rest before you start to do any of the activities that will engage your muscles. The recovery will last from one week to two weeks, depending on how much fat tissue is taken out, and how large is your abdominal area.

Final word

Alongside a good surgeon, you have many options when it comes to surgical procedures. The changes that you will get will amaze you, and the results are permanent if you take care of your body.