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How to apply for jobs in health care field?

You may be having the right qualification and enough experience, but getting the job in health care field can be tedious. A quick Google search can give you a big list of recruitment agencies and you may start your search by simply calling a few agencies, asking for their success rates, figures, and job specs.

Are you searching in the right place? Below are some of the key points to consider, while applying for the jobs in medical field.

Job portals

Apart from the major job portals like Monster, Glassdoor, there are a number of healthcare specific job sites that you may’ve come across. Some of them are Bio Space, New Scientist, Career Builder, offering you a great deal of opportunities.  You need to refine your job search, reaching out to job portals that are specific to tour specialism or field.

It is learnt that as many as 60% of jobs aren’t posted in social media or industry job boards. Hence, you may have to start making a list of organizations you want to get employed and apply directly in their website.

Online presence

Do some research and look out who the hiring managers or key decision makers are in your field and start networking with them.  You need to present yourself well on social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep yourselves away from the sensitive topics that create negative impression on the hiring manager.

Recruitment agency

Not all job opening are advertised in social media or job boards; a lot of openings will be handed over to recruitment agencies that help organizations to find the specialised personnel.   The hiring consultancies build up network of talented and skilled professionals and hire them when it matches with the job description. If you’ve been approached by a consultancy, it’s certainly worth considering.

Recruitment agencies, such as RenaudExec have a good reputation in the market field that connects you with the best network.

Getting a job via recruitment agency can simplify your job hunt considerably and can also enhance your chances of getting shortlisted for the interview rounds. Moreover, you can ask for feedback or any suggestion, so that it’s easy for you to understand what the healthcare company needs from you.

Being the experts in recruitment, at RenaudExec you can find healthcare jobs in the many areas, such as medical, dental, research, laboratory, diagnostic, biotechnological, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and animal health fields.