Use Face Masks the Right Way to Keep Covid-19 Infection At Bay

Covid-19 is causing a massive stir globally due to its highly contagious nature. The rise in the number of asymptomatic patients only seems to make things worse. Many of those who have contracted the infection are totally unaware of it and could accidently transmit it to many others which calls the need for precautionary measures for every single person.

The CDC has recommended the use of face masks in all public places and maintaining a safe distance from others. The masks are meant to control the transmission of infection to others. Regardless of whether you are experiencing symptoms, it is considered healthy to wear masks. Masks are loose-fitting, cover nose and mouth and come with ear loops, bands or ties.

What makes wearing masks mandatory?

When a person coughs, their respiratory droplets serve as source of infection and spread germs. Masks reduce the risk of wearer transmitting the infection to others. Masks control a sick person’s respiratory droplets from being released afar. It also serves as protection for other people from coming in contact with respiratory droplets of infected people.

FDA-approved masks are effective in controlling the infection from spreading. K95 and surgical masks offer maximum protection and are worn by healthcare workers. The infection doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Buy masks in bulk online and keep yourself safe from the infection. High quality covid-19 supplies are available at CustomEarthPromos.

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The right way to use masks:

Wearing masks require following other additional hygienic measures. Learn the proper way to use masks to ensure protection from the infection.

Wearing a mask:

  • Clean your hands: Secure your mask in place using clean hands. Before picking the mask, wash your hands and remember to wash with soap and water again immediately after removing the mask.
  • Check if the mask is in good condition: Confirm if it doesn’t have tears or holes.
  • The side that goes front: The colored side must be in the front.
  • Look for a stiff bendable edge: This is present so that the mask can mold one’s nose. When wearing mask this part should cover the nose and secure the ties with a bow.
  • Wear it: If the mask has ear loops, hold it by the loops and wear it whereas if there are ties, place the mask in position and

Refrain from touching the mask. If you want to adjust it, clean your hands using a sanitizer and then proceed to adjust. When you feel the mask getting damp, it is time to remove it.

Removing a mask:

  • Clean your hands using sanitizer or soap and water
  • Remove it only by touching the loops / ties. Don’t touch the front portion.
  • Dispose the mask in trash or put it along with other clothes into the laundry
  • Clean your hands again

Be extra cautious and follow all the necessary precautions especially if your place is hit hard by the novel corona virus. Wear masks and stay protected.