5 Health Tips to Prep for Your Beach Vacation

Are you planning a beach getaway? Follow the tips below for simplifying your vacation preparations.


Whether you are traveling by car or plane, the last thing you want to worry about is bringing shaving cream and razors. To make traveling easier schedule a wax with sola salon Huntington Beach CA. To enjoy smooth skin, schedule your wax a couple of days before leaving for your vacation.

Skin Protection

Bringing sunscreen is essential for any beach vacation. Wearing sunscreen and continually reapplying will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You can also use umbrellas, hats or canopy tents to provide additional protection from the sun.


The sun and outdoor fun will drain your energy. Be sure to bring a wide variety of snacks to avoid being hangry. Try packing protein bars, beef jerky or trail mix to give yourself a healthy snack to keep your energy and mood up. Also, don’t forget to pack enough snacks as well as water for everyone in your group.


Of course, you will bring your swimsuit, but sometimes people forget to pack a cover-up and a change of clothes. Although playing in the sand and ocean can be fun, it’s also messy. Nobody wants to bring home a sandy mess in the car. If your beach has showers, take advantage of that, dry off and either wear a change of clothes or your cover-up.

First Aid

Nothing ruins a getaway like a headache or cut without a proper first aid kit. To ensure you enjoy your trip, pack a small bag that has your emergency needs. Pack pain reliever medication, band-aids, tweezers, hand sanitizer, unopened bottled water, tape, gauze pads and aloe vera.

As you can see preparing for a beach vacation can take quite a bit of time. However, with these simple tips, you can make preparing for your getaway a breeze.