Not All Medical CBD Products Are Created Equal

CBD’s benefits are catching on throughout the country. What was once a little-known medicinal substance is now being used by a much wider audience to address a variety of ailments. Its popularity is spiking demand, and the legal framework to grow and produce it is becoming more favorable. As a result, conditions are perfect for an even bigger uptick in demand, usage, and availability.

Not all CBD Products are Created Equal

What do highway gas stations, big box stores and organic hemp farms all have in common? CBD! With the apparent CBD gold rush, people of all backgrounds are trying to get it on the market. Buyers should be aware, not all CBD products are created equal. 

CBD products take many shapes and forms in the non-FDA approved market. The products available at big retailers simply are not the same quality as those that are curated by craft retailers, sourced from hemp grown by local farmers.

The Difference Between Farmers and Factories in Growing Hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp growth, which generally opened the floodgates for those interested in farming hemp. That also means that more factories and large companies are getting in on production. Unfortunately, when huge scale production occurs, the product itself often suffers. 

For example, large farming operations might use more genetically modified crops to increase yield. They might also use pesticides to keep pests at bay. Hemp can actually absorb these unsafe chemicals as they grow. Smaller-scale farmers generally do not have to engage in these detrimental and often unsafe practices simply because they can manage the plans on a much more personalized and individualized level.

Shop with Local Farmers

Local farmers are stewards of the land and pride themselves on the quality of their crop. Look to farmers that practice regenerative farming, which is not only good for our customers but also for the Earth. In fact, Vermont CBD producer Hunger Mountain Hemp doesn’t process the hemp plants that hit the ground during harvest. 

Unfortunately, big box stores or large factories do not care about the quality of the product as much as they care about the overall profit. The sustainability of the practice and its overall effect on the environment are often called into question as well.

Why Quality Matters in CBD and Hemp Products

Quality CBD is important. Lower quality CBD products are sometimes associated with an increased risk of negative side effects. When the CBD is processed in a cheap, unsafe way, it robs the substance of beneficially and naturally occurring cannabinoids and other essential nutrients and compounds, which often makes the CBD itself less effective as well.