5 Common condom problem and how to avoid them

Condoms are the most widely used ways of contraceptive across the globe. However, if you read a condom pack closely, you will realize that it does not give you 100% protection from unwanted pregnancy. This is mainly due to various problems associated with them. Though they are pocket friendly, they do have some cons like slippage, breakage and so on.

Here are 5 most persistent condom related issues and their solutions

Problem 1: Condom breakage:

Many couples will vouch for the fact that during their climax, their condom broke. This is not only annoying but also worrying as the protection was not there in the final moments. Now, various condom types are available in the market. Each condom is of a different size. If you have, longer or thicker penis then look for a condom that can actually fit you in. When you buy one that is smaller, it gives away and leads to breakage.

Problem 2: Not wearing it properly

Another common reason for a condom malfunctioning is the fact that you are not wearing it correctly. Most of the times, people make the mistake of actually wearing the condom carefully. The trick is to use some lube so that the condom easily slips in and covers your organ completely.

Problem 3: Leaking condoms:

Another common issue with condoms is leaking condom. The main reason behind it is the choice of size of condoms. In this case, the condom is too big for you and once filled with semen,it will start leaking. This is a common issue and to combat this, the best condom brand in India, have launched trimmer, slimmer and fitted condoms.

Problem 4: Unable to erect when wearing a condom:

Many men have this common concern that the moment they slip on a condom, they fall flat and lose their erection. Many also complain that they lose their momentum when they pull out to wear a condom. The best way to combat this issue is by experimenting with the various kinds of condoms available in the market. Try using latex condoms, textured condoms, and ribbed condoms and so on. The various textures will help you to arouse yourself once more.

Problem 5: Allergic to condoms:

This is one of the reasons that most people complain of. Allergy can be caused due to swelling, sensitivity, irritation and other reasons.  Also, there might be certain components in the condom that is aggravating the allergy. Always look at the components of the condom before zeroing onto one.

Here are five most common problems associated with a condom. These are regular issues and you yourself can address most of them.