How to Become a HempWorx Distributor?

The market of CBD have been exploded at an unprecedented rate. You can read about this in articles of newspapers, on the Internet or in the public places. According to reports, it is predicted that the CBD market will hit $22 Billion by 2022 according. Hempworx offers the best quality products because they are derived from the natural compounds of cannabis.

In this article, we will discuss the three steps to become a HempWorx distributor

  1. Visit the official website of HempWorx website
  2. Buy a product package and give the HempWorx settle fees
  3. Stay active by selling or buying HempWorx products
  1. Visit the official website of HempWorx

There’s a  different way, you can join the HempWorx website with a referring affiliate or without the one. In both ways, you will require to visit the official site of the company. Like to join with a referring affiliate, you should know their username and type that in the box of the join page.

In case, you don’t have any sponsor or you do not any sponsor then you can simply click on the link that says “No, I do not have any referring affiliate”.

In both ways, you will end up on the order screen.

  1. Select a product package and pay the HempWorx affiliate fees

After the previous page, you will directly come to this page and here you’ll need to place an order to progress further. On this page, you will see the five different product packs.

  • Pet Pack – 1 Pet product for $39
  • Builder Pack – 1 product of any kind for $69 plus shipping
  • Two Pack – 2 products of any kind for $138 plus shipping
  • Director Pack – 4 products of any kind for $199 plus shipping
  • Executive Pack – 12 products of any kind for $599 plus shipping

The first pack may seem cheap but it does not qualify you to become an ‘active affiliate’. So, if you like to become an active affiliate, you must buy one of the subsequent packs. The higher the cost of your pack, the more packets you will receive. After your products will be chosen, you need to fill in your billing details.

Once you have done then click on continue.

  1. Stay ‘active’ by selling or buying the hempworx product

After becoming the affiliate of hempworx, you always need to remain active if you like to actually join the ‘meat’ of the compensation plan. In simple words, to make money beyond just selling products, you require to be an active affiliate.

To stay active on HempWorx affiliate, it will be essential for you to either purchase or directly sell 40BV worth of product each month. It’s equal to buying or selling ONE $69 builder pack each calendar  month.


By following the above three steps you will become a HempWorx distributor and now you understand what it will take to remain active. With patience, effort, and persistence, it will be definitely possible to make a good income with HempWorx company. So, what are you waiting for? Be the HempWorx Distributor today!