Dr. Kami Hoss – How to Deal with Gingivitis to Prevent Tooth Loss

Gingivitis refers to a painless gum disease resulting from the accumulation of plaque in your teeth. This is a sticky colorless substance containing bacteria. It produces a series of toxins which irritate the gum tissues surrounding your teeth. This causes the gums to swell, become red and puffy. You get a bad breath, which can be […]


Use Face Masks the Right Way to Keep Covid-19 Infection At Bay

Covid-19 is causing a massive stir globally due to its highly contagious nature. The rise in the number of asymptomatic patients only seems to make things worse. Many of those who have contracted the infection are totally unaware of it and could accidently transmit it to many others which calls the need for precautionary measures […]


Regular Home Care Vs. Home Care For Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

With age, it is important to keep track of one’s health and get the needed help whenever required. Senior citizen requires a certain amount of care so that they can live independently in their homes without having to go anywhere. One of the most common diseases that senior citizens go through is dementia-like Alzheimers and […]


3 Tips to Help Combat Sickness

As cold and flu season creeps closer and closer, people tend to get more concerned about how to keep themselves healthy. Many people resort to taking essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and supplements to help keep their bodies healthy. However, there are several very simple ways you can keep your immune system in good working order […]


Who needs Raging Cutting and why? Turinabol is a great tool for this purpose

Who needs it and why Raging cutting? Everyone who was interested in how to lose weight quickly would probably come up with the concept of Who and why. # 171; cutting # 187 ;. But the process of destroying fat and a harsh diet fraught with serious danger to health. If earlier the word “cutting” […]

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Dr Goral Gandhi explains effect of ivf technologies in decreasing male infertility ratio

Dr Goral Gandhi, an IVF expert, sheds light upon the factors that can effect male fertility and the techniques that can be used to decrease infertility ratio in men. In India, male infertility is a widespread condition among couples. In over 50 per cent of cases, couple infertility is attributed to the male partner, mainly […]


A Review On Glaucoma Treatment Trends

Glaucoma is a progressive disease that destroys the optic nerve of the eye. Once the optic nerve has been destroyed, the loss of vision is permanent. This form of blindness happens as a result of damage to the photoreceptors of the retina and is caused by changes in blood vessels that damage the layers of […]


Steroid Injection For Athletes: What Do Pills, Injections, Shakes And Co. Bring And What Do They Have In Common?

Then where does the feeling Steroid Meme fatigue and exhaustion come from. From there, from whence with active physical work. 0025 kcal min. The figure is absolutely insignificant, an additional expense of 0. 15 kcal is obtained per hour. 1995), it still comes out very, very little -1. 5 kcal hour. This is 0. ” […]


Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Overview

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common diseases that affect the nervous system terribly. It is neurodegenerative which indicates that it affects how the muscles run and how the brain works. Some people who have this disease also experience stiffness of the muscles and struggle to maintain balance. Let’s have an overview of the […]


Under The Lens:  Goral Gandhi Takes Us Through A Woman’s IVF Journey

They say knowledge is the best kind of empowerment, and when it comes to assisted reproduction, knowing the journey a couple is about to take to bring their child into this world, can make them certain about choosing IVF as a pregnancy option. Dr Goral Gandhi, a senior embryologist and trainer who has helped thousands […]