Feeling short of breath? You may have asthma

Have you ever become a little bit breathless whenever you try to follow intense exercise? Well, then you should know that you might be having asthma. Shortness of breath is one of the primary asthma symptoms. When you have asthma, your lungs are more prone to the irritation that causes shortness of breath. You could even experience an asthma attack when asthma symptoms worsen without any warning.

Asthma usually happens in episodes. You might be doing well, and then when you catch a cold or are exposed to an irritant or allergies, cough or chest tightness might linger and not quite go away. Someone like this also can be more sensitive to the triggers such as perfumes, changes in weather or humidity, cigarette smoke and so on. People with asthma can also develop another condition known as paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder. This condition causes spasms in your throat muscles that make it difficult to get a breath in.

Asthma Symptoms

Shortness of breath indicates that you have asthma. You would also have periods of coughing or wheezing. Other symptoms include the following:

  • Chest pain and tightness
  • Fast breathing
  • Feeling tired when exercising
  • Trouble sleeping at night

If you are experiencing any of these asthma symptoms on a regular basis, it is a good idea to visit your nearby homeopathy clinic in order to determine and be sure whether these are asthma symptoms. The shortness of breath can indicate other medical conditions such as:

  • Heart valve issues
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Arrhythmia
  • Sinus infection
  • Anaemia
  • Lung diseases such as emphysema or pneumonia
  • Obesity

Asthma Treatment

The specific treatment of your shortness of breath will depend on the underlying cause and its severity. If you have already been diagnosed as having asthma, you can determine your action based on the severity of your shortness of breath. Homeopathy uses safe natural substances based on medicinal information derived from clinical studies and practical information about their remedial effects. Homeopathic asthma treatment is based on the presentation of asthma symptoms peculiar to the individual and above what improves or aggravates the condition in relation to time, posture, movement and rest.

The asthma treatment at Dr Batra’s™ emphases on bringing down the intensity, frequency and duration of attacks which, in turn, increases the disease-free period and minimises the use of chemical drugs. They use a holistic approach that includes understanding the emotional and physical concerns of the patient like anxiety and fear, the loss of a loved one, etc. Circumstances like a weather change or allergy to pollens and dust are also well thought-out before advising a suitable cure. Natural medicines are given to help decrease the shudders of the respiratory tract and build overall body immunity. Homeopathic medicines also improve breathing capacity which can be measured by a peak flow meter.


Shortness of breath might be a result of asthma. Asthma is a little bit different for each person. So learning what to watch for, what to avoid and how to manage your individual asthma symptoms is very important. If you have been diagnosed with asthma and experience a sudden onset of shortness of breath or your shortness of breath is accompanied by chest pain, it is highly recommended to visit your nearby homeopathy clinic for further asthma treatment. It has been observed that homeopathic medicines have reduced the need for hospitalisation, and in the case of children, there has been improved attendance at school and an improved level of concentration as well as academic performance. At Dr Batra’s™, they have treated childhood asthma with a 94% success rate as authenticated by American Quality Assessors.