Kratom capsules and the Kratom powder

Kratom is a natural supplement available in the market as a capsule or powder. One factor to consider when planning to buy Kratom is whether to go for the capsules or the powder form.

To be able to make an informed decision, it is essential first to understand what exactly each of the two variations is.

Kratom capsules

This is simply Kratom powder repackaged into capsules. You can get Kratom capsules as either gelatin capsules of vegetable cellulose capsules. When you buy the capsule form of Kratom, you eliminate the need to prepare the powder into a more palatable form before consuming it.  

Yu can buy Kratom capsules as either 400mg or 600mg capsules. The smaller size capsules are easier to swallow. Another reason people prefer the capsules to the powder form is that the capsules are gentler on the stomach. When it is in powder form, the taste of Kratom is not the best.

When dealing with natural Kratom capsules, you may be required to take between 4 and 8 capsules a day to meet your daily dosage needs. This need to take many capsules a day is the only reason people prefer the powdered form over the capsule.

Kratom powder

Kratom powder is a natural powder made from drying Kratom leaves and grinding them into powder form. Once harvested, the laved are sun-dried and crushed before grounding into a fine powder. It is also possible to buy the leaves in their crushed state and grind them yourself to get fresher Kratom powder.

The powder form Kratom if used to make Kratom tea. The process of preparing the tea is not long. Some people prefer taking the powder as a tea since it presents fewer side effects if any. The tea can be infused with ginger or lemon and honey to make it tasty. Some users prefer to take the Kratom tea plain as they believe adding sweeteners or flavours introduces calories to tea which makes it less effective.

Another way of consuming the Kratom powder is by blending it with fresh fruit to make fruit juice. You can also have it in smoothies. These methods are preferred because they help to improve the otherwise lousy taste of the powder.

The lengthy processes of making tea, juices, or smoothies with the powder are the reason most people prefer taking the powder in capsule form.

If you are contemplating buying Kratom powder over buying Kratom capsules, you need to buy it in bulk. This way, you get more of it at once. Remember to store the powder in a cool and dry place, away from humidity. Also, you will need to vacuum-seal the container with the powder to prevent oxidisation from taking place. Oxidisation will lower the potency of the powder.

Which one is best?

The answer as to which product is better between buying Kratom powder and buying Kratom capsules for sale is subjective. It depends on your personal preference. For beginners, it is best to go for the best Kratom capsules variety. This way, you will not be grossed out by the taste and abandon your therapy before enjoying the full benefits.