Regular Home Care Vs. Home Care For Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

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With age, it is important to keep track of one’s health and get the needed help whenever required. Senior citizen requires a certain amount of care so that they can live independently in their homes without having to go anywhere. One of the most common diseases that senior citizens go through is dementia-like Alzheimers and that can take a toll on their normal lives. There is home care in Toronto services for senior citizens, but is there anything special for senior citizens with dementia? Well yes, there is and there is a certain considerate difference in both.

Home care of seniors

Home care for seniors is a home care service that is provided to the senior citizen who wants to be at their home and not shift to the care facility. The home care services tend to vary from person to person as the requirements and needs change. The services can be provided either once a week, for a few hours a day or for 24 hours every day, as this depends on what type of care is required for the person. Some of the most common services include:

  • Homemaking services (meal prep, shopping, light housework help)
  • Companion services (supervision, recreational assistance, activity assistance)
  • Skilled nursing care (for wounded, injured and ailing senior citizens)
  • Personal care services (bathing, dressing, eating, exercising, assistance)

Dementia  home care for seniors

This type of home care in Toronto is for those senior citizens who suffer from certain types of dementia problems like Alzheimer’s. The assistance and home care are given to the senior citizens with Alzheimer’s are almost the same as the regular services, but a bit more customized based on the condition of the patient. The caregivers take care of the person based on their current stage of dementia. The caregivers are trained to understand what are the prerequisites and conditions about certain stages and what are problematic behaviors and how to keep the patient safe.

Home care at different stages of dementia

Home caregivers know very well about different stages of dementia and what the symptom is and how to handle the situation by keeping the patient safe and healthy. At the first stage of dementia, the patient may require light assistance only and need to be reminded of a few words that they forget, along with money management, medical management, and organization, etc. In the middle stage, they will require assistance for some of the daily things like remembering faces, names, how to dress, when to eat, etc. However, at the late stage of dementia, the patient requires full-time 24×7 assistance to cope with daily life.

Final words

Caregivers for home care services are trained, and if they provide dementia home care services, then they are even more trained and skilled to handle any situation. The full knowledge of the progression of the disease, requirements at each stage, and how to help in decreasing the levels of stress and anxiety in patients.