5 “healthy glow” actions for a beautiful winter

Tight skin, redness, gray complexion … The cold makes your skin see all the colors. All the more reason to pamper your skin and not let yourself be polluted by the ambient grayness. What strategy to adopt? Here are some rituals to comfort your skin and a BB cream to sublimate it… naturally!

1. Cuddle your skin, quite simply

Mistreated by the cold, your skin is even more fragile: take care of it. Avoid soaps or make-up removers that are too astringent and prefer simple and gentler products: micellar waters, organic oils, organic floral waters, etc.

2. A healthy lifestyle for beautiful skin

Faced with the cold, we all appreciate a good bath or a long, hot shower. Error: heat and steam dry out your skin. So prefer shorter showers at a reasonable temperature, to stimulate your blood circulation and not overheat your skin and undermine its elasticity and radiance.

With the cold still, a furious desire for tartiflette can reappear … Opt instead for a good vegetable soup, seafood (rich in omega 3), kiwi for its vitamin C content (and because it is the season). ), green tea to eliminate toxins …

And then the best ally of beautiful skin is sleep: on your pillows

3. An exfoliating treatment for a new skin

Preserving the radiance of your complexion means getting rid of dead skin and other imperfections. Go for a gentle scrub, with fine grains, especially if you are prone to redness. For example ? Used every week, our best face whitening cream in pakistan, allows you to purify and revive your complexion, without attacking the skin.

4. Moisturize the upper layers of your epidermis

Whether you have dry or oily skin, no one is immune. A good moisturizer (applied morning and evening) is essential, but not only!

Borage oil – for example – can be a good way to strengthen the skin barrier.

Remember to drink often: hydration also comes from the inside.

And then during the winter, heating forces, the air is less humid and the skin dries up: why not install a humidifier, even a simple bowl of hot water with a few drops of essential oils?

5. BB Cream for a radiant complexion and a radiant complexion

BB like “Blemish Balm Cream” or “Balms anti-imperfections”. Concretely? Every morning and in a single gesture, you combine makeup and skincare: a beauty touch to unify and revive your complexion, combined with the effectiveness of a moisturizing and anti-aging cream.

The secret of our BB cream? Shea butter and apricot kernel oil for their nutritive properties, aloe vera to soothe, grapefruit extract to hide imperfections, mineral adaptive pigments to illuminate your complexion (with the particularity to blend in with most skin tones), rice powder for velvety skin… The only problem? It cannot be eaten, despite its delicious apricot scent (see point number 3).


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