Who needs Raging Cutting and why? Turinabol is a great tool for this purpose

Who needs it and why Raging cutting? Everyone who was interested in how to lose weight quickly would probably come up with the concept of Who and why. # 171; cutting # 187 ;. But the process of destroying fat and a harsh diet fraught with serious danger to health.

If earlier the word “cutting” for most people was associated with Tbol 10mg from, then thanks to the Instagram project and the hashtag “Mad Rabbit” everyone who understands the Russian language found out about it. According to Smolny, for two years of the program’s existence, 130,000 people took part in it, who dreamed of losing extra pounds. And the trainer for all participants had one – an application that sends tasks and shows exercises.

This is the danger of the online project: bodybuilders know that you can’t just take it and start to “dry out”. You can’t blindly follow the instructions of the application – independent studies in a single program can be effective, but not always. “#Resid cutting” is a tough project and really intense training, which, without an individual approach, can be harmful. It is also important to know exactly with what initial data you start to “dry”.

What does it mean to “dry”

Many, for sure, know that the “cutting” of the body helps to get rid of excess weight in a fairly short time. This term came from bodybuilders who adhere to a specific diet and training program before performances. The meaning of “cutting” is to get rid of all subcutaneous fat, leaving only the muscles, and draw a relief. That is why on the stage each muscle is visible as outlined as possible, judges can estimate the amount of muscle mass by eye.

But then the podium and professional athletes who live, eat and train are not like us at all. The diet in the “cutting period” consists almost of one protein with a minimum of carbohydrates and fats, and the training is exhausting, they are characterized by a large number of repetitions of exercises, and builders visit the “rocking chair” up to 10 times a week. And most importantly – they already have a mountain of muscles that needs to be “just” cleaned of the last fat deposits.

“If you can’t wait to burn a few kilograms of fat, devote at least 3-4 months to working“ on weight ”, so that later fat burning will be more efficient and quick, and at least small muscles appear under the fat layer, and not just bones and flabby lean flesh, ”writes Yuri Spasokukotsky on his blog.

Spasokukotsky is one of the most famous jocks of Russia and Ukraine, the author of several books and the holder of European and World champion bodybuilding titles (of various associations and years). By his example, he talks about all the subtleties of “cutting” and offers his diets. But the main thing that Yuri now wants to tell us is that “cutting” without muscles will not make us beautiful. First, work on building muscle mass and proper nutrition, then burning fat.

Possible harm to the “cutting period”

A good example is contagious, and projects like “#Resid cutting” are built on this in many ways. Like, take a look at these catwalks and beautiful participants in a fitness bikini, you know what they did? “Dry”, and here you need it. Do not jump right off the bat, for a start, figure out what exactly you need, what goals you pursue and what your body is capable of. Probably all that is required for the desired appearance is a moderate diet.

“cutting” will not give pumped-up buttocks, if they were not there before

So, during cutting, you will not have any abs or pumped buttocks, if they were not there before, so you should not rely on an elastic body with a relief. First you need to find them in completely different workouts and a suitable diet. Remember: the “cutting period” is a huge stress for the body. Eating a minimum of carbohydrates and fats will not have the best effect on well-being and health – you may just not have enough energy to train, even “hungry fainting” is possible.

Professional bodybuilders understand what they are doing, and their body is better prepared for such a strict diet. This diet and exercise regimen has little to do with a healthy lifestyle, it is unnatural. In addition, too large a dose of proteins often leads to hormonal disorders, girls will feel the most on themselves.

Failures of the cycle, deterioration of the condition of hair, nails, skin, the likelihood of reproductive system disorders and endocrine problems – all this is quite realistic if you decide that you can do without a competent trainer and set yourself a “dryer”. Among other things, a return to the usual diet is fraught with abrupt weight gain – an organism hungry for carbohydrates will lively put them in reserve in the form of fat. The winners of the “Fitness Bikini” nomination do not post their photos on Instagram a week after the performance – few people manage to keep themselves in shape after the completion of the protein marathon.

In other words, if you don’t go on the podium with other bodybuilders in a month or two, “cutting” is not needed. It is more important to understand a healthy diet and derive an ideal diet formula for yourself. Want to lose weight – for health, check out our materials on diets and the advice of a psychologist. You need to dry yourself – use the instructions of your fitness instructor and do not try to lose 20 kilograms per month, take care of yourself.

Fitness is, first of all, health, good mood, pleasure from working on your body and from what you see in the mirror. “Training is not torture! This is a game!” – if the slogan seems very attractive, then at least there is badminton, dance studios – play for health! About healthy, unhurried and “proper cutting” for yourself, and not for competitions, read in our next materials.