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Dr Goral Gandhi explains effect of ivf technologies in decreasing male infertility ratio

Dr Goral Gandhi, an IVF expert, sheds light upon the factors that can effect male fertility and the techniques that can be used to decrease infertility ratio in men.

In India, male infertility is a widespread condition among couples. In over 50 per cent of cases, couple infertility is attributed to the male partner, mainly due to a failure in spermatogenesis. In studies conducted by Dr Goral Gandhi, the best embryologist in India, she has observed that fertility in both men and women decline with age, among other factors.

“There are more than 15% men in India that are suffering from the problem of male infertility and lack of awareness is only worsening the current scenario”, says, both a practitioner and an advocator of IVF & ART, Dr Goral Gandhi.

The best embryologist in India, also adds, “The decline of male fertility, particularly associated with advancing age, unhealthy lifestyles and environmental factors plays an important role for natality, and its consequences on human population make this avital public health issue.”Thus, modification of lifestyle through a structured programme of educational, environmental, physical exercise and psychological support can prevent infertility and therefore, may help couples to obtain better quality of life and improved possibility to conceive spontaneously or optimise their chances of conception.

Such problems could be solved with the help of advanced and specialised technologies such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other procedures. This process has a high success rate and it gives hopes to the couples who are unable to attain pregnancy to get a fertilized embryo.

According to one of the best embryologists and a notable authority in the field of ART & IVF, Dr Goral Gandhi, the success rate of ICSI can be concluded by the fertilization rate of the procedure, i.e, 80 to 85 percent. With the help of this new technology, couples suffering from male infertility have achieved 70 to 80 percent of fertilization rate for all eggs injected which is equivalent to fertilization with normal sperm. The pregnancy rates achieved through ICSI are equivalent to those attained through IVF in couples who have no male factor infertility.