How to Harvest Your Cannabis Plants?

The time has finally arrived. Your cannabis is finally ready, from non germinated seeds to marijuana that is ripe for harvest. Harvesting your plant in the right manner is very important as even a small mistake can ruin the days of hard work.

Follow the below-mentioned details in order to achieve the most of your cannabis plant after you buy Marijuana Seeds In New York.

  1. Avoiding nutrient lockout

Marijuana plants store some nutrients after being fed. The plants store these nutrients for future use. If you keep feeding the plant without allowing it to utilize its reserves, those nutrients tend to stick around the buds, stems and leaves of the plant. In case you are feeding your plant with nutrients that are not compatible with its needs, the plant can suffer from a condition known as “nutrient lockout.”

  1. The flushing process

In order to fix nutrient lockout, you can run fresh water through the system of your plant. The ideal time is to flush before you plan to harvest the buds is three to seven days. If your plants are cultivated in soil, you’ll be required to use rainwater or any other form of clean water through the system.

On the other hand, if your cannabis is being cultivated in a hydro system, all you need to do is run clear water through the system before beginning with the harvest.

  1. Cutting the marijuana plant

Before beginning with the actual cutting process, it is recommended that you first remove the larger fans.

Because these leaves can slow the drying process of the buds, also, remember to handle your branches with extra care as being too rough on them can make the trichomes fall off easily, which is certainly not a great sign.

  1. The best-tasting weed

The way you dry your freshly harvested cannabis can significantly impact its taste. In case you dry the weed improperly, you can damage the terpenes that can result in tasteless, hay-like cannabis.

  1. Start trimming

Opt for a sharp pair of scissors once you dry your weed. The look of your bud solely depends upon your personal preference.

However, don’t throw the trimmings into the dustbin after completing the process. These trimmings can provide you with some tasty delights if you are interested in edibles.

  1. The final cure

Prepare some clean glass jars and store all the individual buds within them. You can also use plastic bags or bins if glass jars are not available.

During the first couple of weeks of your storing, ensure to open the jars twice a day to provide them with fresh air. This will also help in removing excess moisture from the buds.


Right harvesting is a key to achieving high-quality cannabis strain. But right harvesting can only happen if the seeds are of good quality. Therefore, Buy Marijuana Seeds in New York from a trusted store now!