Dental Implants Are More Trusted Than Ever

full arch dental implants lee’s summit, mo are the best solution for the replacement of one or several teeth. Its high levels of success, durability, and aesthetics are some of the advantages that attract most people. Similarly, other benefits make the implants have no competence in terms of quality.

They are made of high purity metals, such as titanium. This is a quality that offers high strength and durability. Besides, its components are harmless to the body, so its insertion into the gum is very safe. Rejections are very rare. Thus, another of its advantages is reliability.

Permanent Solutions

Dental implants are inserted into the gum through implant surgery. They fuse to the gum bone and, when fixed, they perfectly simulate the root of the natural tooth. They give better support and stability to the dental crown so that the patient can chew without problems.

A specialist dentist performs the surgical process, and recovery is quick and with little pain. There is nothing that an analgesic cannot control. The placement of dental implants is much less traumatic than a tooth extraction.

For that reason, the success of the surgeries is very high, between 90 to 95%. An implant can last for many years, even a lifetime. They only require proper cleaning, just like the rest of your natural teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants

As they are osseointegrated to the bone, they are much more resistant, stable, and durable than removable prostheses. They are not attached to other teeth with hooks that can cause unnecessary wear. On the other hand, those metal hooks or fasteners have an unsightly effect that affects the naturalness of the smile.

Dental implants fit perfectly between natural teeth without being attached to them. Nor do they require carving of natural teeth as in the case of fixed bridges. These bridges are cemented to natural teeth, making them more prone to decay. Implants are solutions that can meet specificity without affecting other teeth.

Prosthetics and implant bridges are the most recommended options in the market. The patient can chew again and smile safely, without worrying about the movement or instability of the removable prosthesis.

 When teeth are absent, the bone begins to reabsorb. This bone loss causes pain and deformation of the face. With dental implants, this process is avoided by giving stability to the jaw and maintaining the harmony of the face and smile.

This is very important in the case of implant prostheses that repair a complete denture, since not only the possibility of chewing is recovered, but also the ability to speak correctly and avoid premature aging of the face.


The similarity of implants to natural teeth is perfect. A well-made implant looks like the rest of the teeth. It is undoubtedly the best option to recover a tooth that has been lost, without compromising functionality or beauty.

Although its cost is higher than that of other dental treatments, all its advantages place dental implants well above its competition. It is the best investment to laugh again.

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