How To Recognize And Treat Fungal Nail Infection

Toenail infections are very common these days. They can spread easily and the cause is fungi. This infection is something that many people are dealing with.

Fungal infection can grow under the nails or on the nails, and it multiply in moist and warm environments, so make sure to regularly wash and dry your feet. The fungi normally live on human skin and if there are conditions for it to overgrow, it will. Pay attention if you are too long in the shoes during the day and your feet are easily sweating.

If you got in contact with someone who has a fungal infection, or you use someone’s socks or shoes who has a fungal nail infection, it is most likely that you will get it too. When you are going on a pedicure, make sure to go to salons where there is strict disinfection of tools.

Recognize fungal nail infection on time

There are a few signs which will show if you have this infection. You will notice a different smell that comes from your feet. The color of your nails may change from white to yellow, and the whole nail can change or just one part of it. Also, this infection can affect only one nail or several nails on your feet.

Brittle nails and the changed color is a sign of fungal infection

The nail can change its shape, becoming distorted and the thickness of the nail can change, where it becomes thin and starts to crumble. Sometimes the condition can be so bad that the nail moves from its place and eventually fall off.

If you are not sure if what you have is fungal nail infection, visit your doctor and he will do some test to check for fungi. The specialists who are dealing with this issue are the podiatrists.


Because this fungal nail infection is tenacious, the best will be to seek professional help. The doctors usually try to treat it with topical or oral antifungal medications, but sometimes these treatments do not give long term results, as the infection can come back after some time.

One of the effective fungal nail infection treatment according to ModPod Podiatry is laser treatment. This laser is specially designed to treat infection, by killing the pathogen that causes it. The treatment is not painful and there are no side effects. It is great for people who don’t want to take oral antifungal medications, or for those who want to get rid of the infection faster.

Relax and let the laser do its work

Laser treatment is done in specialized clinics like where the doctor will do the evaluation of the condition, and follow the progression of healing.

Final word

Fungal infection can be tough, but if you act on time with compatible remedies, you can heal your nails and prevent the infection to spread on other nails. If that is not the case, find a good podiatrist who will for sure treat your problem once and for all.