5 things to note when hiring an accounting firm in Hollywood

When looking for accounting expertise for your business in Hollywood, you have to be prudent and choosy. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is way more versatile and resourceful than someone with a basic accounting degree. You must think beyond the basics and choose the right Hollywood, Florida accounting firm. Here are five things to note when sorting options.

  1. Never choose a firm without checking the profile: Does the CPA firm have an in-house team? What kinds of clients do they deal with? Are they well-versed in your industry? What is their overall profile as an accounting firm? What services do they offer? How many clients do they have, and more importantly, do they have the bandwidth to offer help?
  2. Always be specific with what you need: Take time to know what you expect the CPA to do. For instance, some firms may do the accounting work but may not specialize in doing tax-related tasks. A CPA is expected to help with internal and IRS audits and may even assist with financial consultation. If you know what you need, you will know exactly what to discuss.
  3. Know the cost: For selected accounting tasks and filing taxes, you may pay a flat fee. In other cases, you may have to spend a monthly rate considering all a firm does for your business. Get estimates and evaluate services based on value. Never choose the cheapest service, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire the most expensive one.
  4. Meet in person: Scheduling meetings with CPAs after you have shortlisted them. Knowing their approach and working style will help you make the right decision, and it is also essential to discuss how you will communicate with them. Hiring a firm based in Hollywood might be a better decision as the CPA will be within your reach.
  5. Consider long-term needs: As your company grows and expands, there will be more tax complications, and it makes sense to choose one that can deliver at all times. The long-term needs of your business, including the need for compilations and needs, should be your priority, as you wouldn’t want to change your tax service each year.

Finally, don’t step back from knowing about their experience with similar businesses. The CPA and their team should have worked with companies in the same sector and must have a fair idea of the problems and challenges they encounter. Consider asking for references, and if you want to know a firm better, check if they have good reviews online.