Home Care Vs. Professional Dental Cleanings

Home Care Vs. Professional Dental Cleanings – Which One is Right For You?

The process of maintaining good oral health involves both home care and professional cleanings. Sometimes, when home care does not do well, professional cleaning might prove to be helpful. It is definitely vital to maintain good oral hygiene practices such as flossing and brushing daily. However, when the plaque buildup gets out of hand, dental cleanings are needed.

 The professional thoroughly cleans your teeth from deep within, ensuring that all the buildup is not there anymore. In Upland, people lead an active lifestyle and pay attention to their overall health. Therefore, it is essential to understand the difference between home care and professional cleaning, as they both contribute to good oral health. 

When plaque takes the form of tartar, you can not remove it by simply brushing your teeth. In such cases, you are going to need the help of a Upland dentist to remove it. 

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How do both of them contribute to keeping our teeth healthy?

  • Detecting any dental issues early on

By visiting the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, you can eliminate the risk of developing a severe dental condition. The dentist runs a thorough examination, ensuring that there is no underlying dental issue.

 On the other hand, with home care, while you can maintain good oral hygiene practices, you cannot tell about any underlying condition with certainty. A seemingly minor issue can turn into a severe dental problem. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for regular dental cleanings. A dentist can look for gum diseases or oral cancer early on. 

  • Maintaining the aesthetics of your teeth

Home care can help you keep your teeth clean to some extent. However, it cannot help if you get stains from different beverages like wine. Professional cleaning ensures that you get to maintain the aesthetics of your teeth. The dentist can polish your teeth and make them visibly brighter than the results you will get from home care. 

On a daily basis, home care is delicate, but if you start to notice a yellowish appearance on your teeth and stains, a professional can prove to be significantly helpful. 

People in Upland engage in different social gatherings. In order to feel confident, various aspects of appearance need to be appropriately maintained. A bright and confident smile can help you in having a better interaction with the outside people. 

  • Removal of the build-up called plaque

In order to avoid letting plaque form in the first place, you must maintain good oral hygiene practices. If you do not do so, plaque can take the form of tartar, which is even harder to remove by merely brushing your teeth. You are going to need professional dental cleaning to get rid of the tartar. 

Professionals administer the use of tools to remove the buildup and provide clean-looking teeth to their patients. The tools can reach the area of your mouth that regular brushing or flossing cannot. Thus providing patients with thorough cleanings. 

Tartar, if left untreated, can lead to tooth decay and other severe infections. 

  • Proper maintenance of gum health

Homecare plays an essential role in keeping your gums healthy by properly brushing your teeth and flossing. Gum health is significant in keeping your teeth healthy. If you get a gum disease that lasts longer and remains untreated, you can even lose your tooth. 

While brushing and flossing, keep your teeth clean and prevent inflammation, but that is not all. If you get gum disease, you cannot treat it at home. In case of gingivitis, you are going to need dental cleanings and a thorough examination. 

Consult a Dentist

Before you make any decision, it is important to consider professional advice from a dentist.