How Long Should You Stay in a Sober Home?

The sober homes or popularly known as recovery places are community houses with peaceful and quiet environments for early recovery of drug or alcohol-addicted people after their treatment. The communities, facilities and living environments in the sober home help the suffering victims of addiction transit back to their normal and regular life through sober living. It is often seen and experienced that people or victims of addiction after treatment and rehabilitation find it difficult to recover quickly and effectively at their homes or in other environments where they may be offered with drugs or alcohol, or in places where they may be tempted to use drugs or consume alcohol once again. The Recovery Place or sober homes are therefore essential and important places where the victims may stay and gain an independent living through sobriety for a certain period of time.

Normally, the people who have completed the treatment or medical detox and inpatient rehabilitation program are referred to a sober living supportive environment where they receive community support and counselling or support through professional residential managers or counsellors. Usually, the residents of sober homes are asked for self-help themselves and get support from the community through a 12-step program. The rules of sober homes differ from place to place such as some have an exclusively 12-step meeting and counselling and some others add other types of therapies and many adopt strict compliances with visitors’ rules and regarding intoxicating materials in the premises.

However, a residence in order to get the best result should at least stay 90 days in a sober home. Most sober homes are not so strict enough on the length of stay of the resident and provide freedom to the resident on when they should come and when they should leave. Similarly, though it is expected that the applicant should have completed the treatment or detox program for several months but if an applicant is in his or her rehabilitation process and wishes to live a sober life, he or she is accepted in the sober home provided he or she agrees to abide with the rules and regulations of the sober home. On the other hand, in spite of the freedom of staying and leaving the sober home as per the wish of the residents, it is always advised to the residents that they complete the full 90 days course to reap the best from the sober home.