How The Alkaline Water Benefits The Body

Inside the human body is an environment created by blood and lymph. Acidity provides the right context for all diseases.

Health experts say that alkaline water, whether purchased commercially or obtained at home, is a very healthy form of hydration for our body. It stops the ageing process, increases energy, helps with infertility problems, regulates the body’s pH and prevents diseases of chronic diseases, such as cancer.

Water is very good for the body, and if you drink more than 2 litres a day, you improve your overall health. Over 50 per cent of our body is made up of water, and if you keep your body hydrated you help it function properly.

Given the importance of hydration, we recommend the consumption of alkaline water. Now let us have a look at the different aspects of this water and their benefits.

But how much alkaline water should we drink, if our daily diet consists of sausages, white bread, pastries, sweets and food additives?

Calculations show that this diet would be more than the average stomach can afford – especially if we have a lot every day! Only water provides proper hydration, not fruit juice, coffee or tea. Similarly, soup and milk are liquid foods and are not the best choice for hydration.

There are over 50 varieties of mineral waters on the market, with varying levels of pH levels. A pH level below 7 means acidic pH, while a level above 7 means basic pH. Whatever you choose to consume will end up in your stomach – the most acidic environment in the human body.

But everything we eat or drink ends up in our bloodstream. Many sources of information have pointed out that an acidic internal environment made up of blood and lymph provides the right circumstances for many diseases. If, however, the ph level is more basic, we can rest easy.

This brings us another pH-related question – how does the pH of cosmetics influence the health of our skin and the friendly bacteria on it?

There are a few nuances. After passing through the acidic environment of the stomach, food and drinks reach the small intestine. Here, the juices produced by the pancreas are secreted, which alkalizes everything. Therefore, all foods and beverages become alkaline. From the small intestine, they are then absorbed into the blood.

The human construction seems complicated, but the logic of the foundation remains the same. This is the only way we can resist external aggressors from the outside environment. On top of that, our body is a fortress that can only be weakened from within, and we are talented at it. We introduce you to an internal factor that seriously affects our body – stress!

Chronic stress causes huge amounts of stress hormones. They inhibit another hormone called vasopressin, which regulates the amount of water in the human body. When these hormones go haywire, our body can be affected and our blood, which is by definition alkaline, can become slightly acidic.

How do we help each other then?

The pH of the internal environment is perfectly regulated by movement. The Mediterranean diet remains the best option, accompanied by a lot of water drunk daily.