Tips for Managing Joint Pain

If you suffer from frequent or harsh joint pain, it can be difficult to manage some of life’s most basic, everyday tasks. There are many reasons people can experience this issue, from inflammation and autoimmune diseases to ankle, hand or wrist injuries Houston. While some severe situations may require prescription medications or even surgery, there are ways you can manage and reduce your joint pain at home. These tips can help you experience less pain for a better quality of life.

Stay Active and Keep Moving

Stiffness and swelling can make joint pain worse, so make sure you’re exercising every day to stay loose and limber. Choose low impact exercises and activities to avoid injury or further aggravating your sore joints. Walking, swimming, yoga and stretching are great options that can help you keep your heart and lungs healthy too.

Lubricate Your Joints

A clear fluid surrounds your joints to allow the bones to slide and move without irritation or pain. To keep these areas well lubricated, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration. In addition, upping your intake of healthy fats, including omega-3’s, can help. While supplements are better than nothing, it’s best to consume healthy, natural forms of this nutrient. You can find it in foods like salmon, flax seed and walnuts.

Protect Against the Cold

While too much direct heat can make joint inflammation worse, extreme cold can lead to stiffness and pain. At home, keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature to ward off any chills in the air. Wear socks and clothing to keep yourself cozy and comfortable and be sure to bundle up when you head out during chilly seasons. When the weather is extremely cold in your area, try to stay indoors.

If your joint pain worsens or persists, even with good home care, it may be time to see a physician for a proper diagnosis. However, these tips can still be used to supplement a professional treatment plan.