Hair Care

How To Choose the Best Hair Removal Method for You

You swing open the shower curtain. There it is, your razor, perched precariously atop the shaving cream, acting all innocent. You know exactly what it’s up to: scheming, devising its plan. Meanwhile, your hair (for some weird reason) still hasn’t stopped growing, and you’ve left it for days, pushing this dreaded moment to the very edge. But now is the time. You turn the water on, hop in the shower, and wonder if there is any other way to remove hair other than the feared razor. The answer, while it may surprise you, is yes.

Removing Hair With Lasers

While the idea may sound daunting, laser hair removal Baltimore provides a permanent method for hair removal. Your hair follicles contain pigments that absorb the highly concentrated light from the lasers, which eradicates the hair with precision. The process is typically quick, painless, and affordable. In just four to six sessions lasting from a few minutes to an hour, you could be well on your way to never having to shave or remove your hair again.

A Thing Called Waxing

Waxing removes the whole hair follicle, and this process can prevent hair from gracing the area for up to six weeks. The resin-based wax is spread over the hair — always in the direction of its growth — and, depending on whether soft or hard wax is being used, the hair is removed from the root. When using soft wax, a strip of paper or cloth is placed on top of the wax and then pulled off against the growth of the hair. Hard wax, on the other hand, solidifies enough to become its own strip. Know all about it? Open your own spa already!

Whatever your grooming preferences, from an au naturel look to laser hair removal, there are plenty of options that don’t require pain and dread. Drop the razor and opt for a method that better suits your style.