Is it Safe To Do Sex While On Your Period? 

Although sexuality is a natural aspect of human life, it can cause confusion and anxiety when having period me sex. We will discuss the issues here and offer crucial facts to support your decision-making for your sexual health and well-being.

Understanding Menstruation

Menstruation, often known as a period or a cycle, is a normal bodily function in women. It entails the uterine lining being shed which causes bleeding and hormonal adjustments. A menstrual cycle typically lasts 28 days, though this might vary from person to person.

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Can You Have Sex During Your Period?

Yes, it is possible to have period me sex, and many individuals do it without experiencing any problems or discomfort. 

It’s crucial to take a few things into account.

  • Personal Comfort: Some people may endure discomfort or agony during their periods, which reduces their willingness to engage in sexual activity. 

Prioritising your comfort and being clear about your preferences and boundaries are essential. 

  • Partner’s Comfort: It’s equally crucial whether or not your partner feels comfortable having sex with you while you’re on your period. Solve any issue with honest communication.

Things to Keep in Mind when having period me sex

  • Protection Against STIs and Pregnancy: Having sex while on your period doesn’t make you less susceptible to STIs or getting pregnant. 

It’s crucial to use the proper precautions, including condoms and contraceptive options, for pregnancy prevention.

  • Hygiene: It’s vital to practise proper hygiene during your period, especially if you want to engage in sexual activity. The risk of infections can be decreased by washing the genital area before and after sexual activity.

Before and after sexual activity, both parties should make sure their hands, genitalia, and sex toys are clean. 

  • Sexual Comfort: While menstruating, some positions may be more comfortable than others. 

It’s crucial to look around for positions that reduce discomfort and consider any sensitivities you could have at this time.

  • Menstrual Flow: When considering whether to engage in sexual activity, it is crucial to understand the amount of flow and potential messiness. 

Each person’s menstrual cycle is unique. While some people may bleed heavily, others might only bleed a little.

When it comes to having sex while you’re on your period, communicating with your partner is key. Talk about your goals, worries, and boundaries to create a cosy and happy experience for all sides.


A person’s decision to engage in sexual activity during their period will rely on their preferences, comfort level, and communication with their partner. However it is normally safe and healthy to have sex while on your period, but it’s still vital to consider aspects like personal comfort, STI and pregnancy protection, sanitation, and finding suitable positions.

Remember to put your health first and be honest with your partner. Consult a healthcare provider for advice and support if you have any worries or have ongoing pain or discomfort during your period or sexual activity.