Why Oral Health Is Beneficial For The Entire Body?

An unhealthy mouth and a decaying tooth especially the gum disease increase the possibilities of life-risk diseases like heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy and delivery issues, kidney complications and low immune problems. Often, bad smelling mouth, gum damage and tooth decaying is seen with less importance and taken for granted as a mere toothache or a matter of beauty-related lacuna. But as the science and technology is developing, the scientists are exploring new relations between the oral health and overall health particularly relations between other organs of the body and teeth. Go to Oracare dental clinic for all types of advanced and scientific dental care assistance for your overall health development.

Many health problems are directly associated with the changing conditions of saliva. For example, saliva is constantly checked and reviewed in case of examining infant health. Various conditions of saliva are signalling an indication of different diseases in the human body.

The mouth is the door to all external elements including food and water to get inside the body. Similarly, the mouth is also the door to many elements for passing out of the body. Many diseases especially the HIV/AIDS and diabetes are first apparent through the oral problems particularly the mouth lesions. As per the study of the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90% of various diseases produce oral symptoms or indications.

The saliva is one of the major testing elements to identify the various disorder in the human body. For instance, a cortisol level of saliva in an infant indicates its stress responses. Similarly, osteoporosis in men and certain bone-related fragmentations are known by the testing of saliva. Even cancer identification is also done up to some extent through the testing of saliva. Besides this, there are many other disorders like illegal drug consumption, environmental toxins, hormones and antibodies indicating HIV/AIDS and hepatitis etc. are diagnosed by the testing of saliva. Who knows, saliva testing may replace blood test in the times to come.

Saliva itself has meditative and healing properties. Saliva is considered as the first defence system in the body. The saliva has the antibodies to act against viral pathogens particularly the HIV and cold. The saliva also prevents other virus and bacteria to get into the body as well as destroy them through a special type of enzyme.

As per an estimation, more than 500 various types of bacteria constantly stay in the mouth or saliva who eventually form dental plaque which is a colourless and sticky film like a layer in and around the teeth and cause problems. This has to be regularly cleaned and removed from the mouth in order to strengthen the saliva and its enzyme so that they will be helpful for the health of the entire body.