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You must know these 4 top factors responsible for hair loss

Hair growth takes a long time and lot of care however; hair fall comes sooner than you would expect. Hair fall or baldness does not see age, time, and gender. It occurs any point in your life. There are various ways you can prevent this situation to come in your life. Rogaine liquid is one of the treatments people are relying on now.

You must know these 4 top factors responsible for hair loss:

  1. Lack of exercise:

Lack of exercise not only affects you’re your body but also affects your hair growth to a great extent. Most of us often neglect exercising and do not makeit a part of our daily routine. This is what leads to loss of hair.Regular exercises help in reducing stress hormones.

  1. Hereditary:

Hair loss issues running in the family could also be a major factor causing you the same pattern of hair loss. Hereditary hair loss may be more common in men and at a certain stage, men start losing hair. Some even go complete bald.

  1. Medical reasons:

Temporary baldness or hair fall could be due to exposure of meditations and harsh treatments for medical reasons. Illnesses like anaemia or thyroid are more common factors that lead to hair loss. Diet consumed with less protein and iron could also make your hair look thin.

  1. Severe illness:

Hair loss could be due to various lifelong illnesses such as cancer, depression, anxiety, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cardiac disorders. The severe the illness, the heavier is the treatment through medications and exposure to medical treatment.

Read more about the benefits of Rogaine liquidand check with your health expert on whether you can use it. Although, it doesn’t need aprescription and is readily available but, you may want to know the instruction on its usage.